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Here is what we have already done. Can you imagine a future with us?


NGO Technologies has partnered with local Balinese law firm, Edward Sienny Partners, to provide game-based educational tools to clients of the law firm and to junior high school students (7th grade to 9th grade). We will use Duolingo and Hello English mobile apps to help Balinese citizens learn English. 

The idea came from Sienny Karmana, the senior partner, who wants to send her eldest son to New York City for an internship with an American restaurant. His dream is to become a world-renowned chef in Indonesia and believes that a formal education in the States will help him gain credibility and prestige. 

"Learning English is critical to not only access opportunities like internships in America, but also to gain perspectives into Western culture that can provide the ability to attract wealthy tourists for commercial purposes."

SP Renewable Energy Sources

SPRE is a multinational company that sells biogas plants. SPRE invests heavily in research and development to develop an economical and efficient product. NGOTech collaborates with SPRE to acquire the best alternative energy technology resources.

Before the summer of 2012, NGOTech contacted many organizations in an attempt to receive funding for charitable giveaways. We were able to procure 75% subsidies on 5 biogas plantsfrom TATA motors. We planted these 5 small biogas plants for 5 different farming families in different villages throughout Gujarat as well as a corporate research farming institute. A model farm for new dairy farmers, the Amul Dairy Farm will have a large impact on farming processes in rural India.We also planted a medium sized biogas plant that powered a whole village's irrigation system.

We now manage all charitable affairs of SPRE.

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