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Here is what we have already done. Can you imagine a future with us?


TruKidz is an organization founded by Tharon Trujillo. Tharon did not speak until he was 9  because he was bullied. One day, he finally used his voice to make a safety gate for screen doors after his sister was badly hurt from falling through a screen door. He is now a hall of fame inventor.

Tharon now uses his voice to travel to different schools and prevent bullying. Tharon has a mega event every year, a concert with many famous musicians such as Justin Bieber, Usher, One Direction, etc. to spread the word about his fight to

end bullying. 

He has asked NGO Technologies to make a website for the event. He has also asked NGO Technologies to start a media campaign to try and get more people to come to this event. 


Project Love

Project L.O.V.E is building a sustainable school in rural Zambia to create a platform for gender equality into the education system for both girls and boys, and give vulnerable children access to education, teaching income generating skills, providing health care, technology, and more. This school is providing a poverty-struck area with a chance for children to get an education to reach their full potential and give girls the empowerment and equal access to opportunities.

NGO Technologies is a partner of this organization so will be planning and implementing many of the needed tasks for the school. NGO Technologies will be providing biogas technology for the schools cooking gas and  to power fans. We will be providing a few Indepedals and eReaders as well. NGO Technologies will take a large role in planning the curriculum for the school.

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