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Here is what we have already done. Can you imagine a future with us?

The Shared Table

The Shared Table is an organization founded by Don Pintabano. Don believes in the power of food to be a common ground for everybody in the world. As James Beard once said, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

Don hopes to build a indoor farm in New York City. NGO Technologies will provide biogas technology for any restaurants that Don will be giving his food to. Don hopes to be selling ingredients to about 10 restaurants. These restaurants will surely be creating a lot of food waste. Biogas technology will be the best method of disposing of this food waste. 

Don also hopes to make a MultiCultural Food Appreciation Day for New York City and eventually the US to help facilitate the appreciation of all cultures by all people through food. NGO Technologies will help run the media campaign to spread the word. NGO Technologies has already created his website.

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