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Here is what we have already done. Can you imagine a future with us?

Save the Weavers

Save the Weavers gives weavers more technologically advanced looms so that they can produce cloth more efficiently allowing them to sell more and free themselves of economic turmoil. Save the Weavers does this to slow the ever-increasing rate of suicide among weavers. 

NGO Technologies hopes to implement the instructional DVD concept to teach weavers how to use Photoshop. This will allow them to use their design skills to join the modern world and break their cycle of poverty. If they stay with the archaic occupation of weavers for their whole lives, they will always face hardship. If we give them knowledge to use their skills in a way that will be helpful in the modern world, they will break out of the cycle.


Friendship is a Bangladesh based organization that provides medical care to villages.Wanting to gauge the prevalence of STDs and STIs, they surveyed villagers. They also used existing published information.  Using Microsoft Access, NGOTech created a survey form allowing for information to be digitized and stored in a database alongside published data. NGOTech used database tools to generate new data, images and graphs for a report sent to the WHO.  As a result, the WHO provided monetary support to Friendship.

Medical knowledge is scarce in the villages of Bangladesh. Friendship sought to train volunteers to mitigate this issue. We developed the instructional DVD concept to teach volunteers how to diagnose and treat pations. It was such an effective measure that it was showcased at the Mount Sinai Research Day and the BMANA conference in NC.

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