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​NGO Technologies provides a variety of different services, from providing technological products to developing information technology. Our team is dedicated to the development of services that fit the unique needs of our clients. Our services are not limited to those listed below; if you require a custom service, please feel free to contact us.


 The instructional DVD service allows for mass education of skills through cost effective distribution. Education, a key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the long term, is a critical goal of NGO Technologies.

Friendship, for instance, wanted to train volunteers individually to assess syptoms and diagnose patients. We were able to tape these lessons and make a DVD that could mitigate the cost of classroom instruction.


Charitable organizations often need to construct databases to consolidate and sort information from various sources such as surveys, polls, results and more. We use Microsoft Access to compile  information and develop a GUI to allow any user to easily use the program. This allows organizations to analyze statistical information with greater ease and apply it to solving their problems.

For instance, we created a database for one of our clients, Friendship. Friendship surveyed many villagers about their knowledge of STDs. After Friendship told us how they wanted us to organize their data, we compiled this data with Microsoft Access and even created a computer-based survey for easier input. Friendship used resulting information, graphs, and resources to gain WHO funding. 


NGO Technologies has a large web development team. Custom images, ayouts, and logos are created with the aid of local artists and our talented graphic designers. Every charity needs a website to spread their cause. Our services such as SEO reflect this modern necessity, driving more traffic to websites of charities. 

​An example of a website we created is:


Many researchers have been able to find a correlation between the energy consumption of a nation and the overall success of a country. Industrialization allows for streamlined processes and less labor for more work, contributing to a more successful society.  With biogas plants, waste management and energy creation are consolidated. Any type of waste hydrocarbon or carbohydate (animal dung including human, crop waste, etc.) can be used as energy for cooking. Larger plants can  produce electricity and CNG, benefiting entire communitites. 

NGO Technologies  worked with SP Renewable Energy Sources, who donated biogas plants for us to install for villagers and Amul Dairy Model Farm in Anand, Gujurat.

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