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Here is what we have already done. Can you imagine a future with us?

Indepedals is a Princeton engineering project. The IndePedals are a cheap, autonomous educational platform that contains a basic elementary school curriculum. It is targeted at remote, rural locations where access to education is limited or non-existent. Education is the single most effective empowerment tool from raising living standards, to providing basic human rights. We believe that providing access to basic education in rural areas of developing countries will empower people, and allow them previously unrealized opportunities. IndePedals is a portable set of pedals connected to a 12 volt dynamo. They are light (weighing less than 8 lbs) and can be operated by children. By pedaling, the user is able to generate electricity which can power any electrical appliance, namely a Raspberry Pi. This $25 computer will be instrumental in tackling the pressing problem: the lack of access to education.

NGO Technologies has helped engineer prototypes and has provided the educational technology part of the device. We have also created their website.


Megabook Initiative

The Megabook Initiative is a charity organization that provides impoverished children with eReaders. They also provide them with solar power chargers so Megabook Initiative's donations are not restricted to places with access to electricity.

NGO Technologies has made Megabook Initiatives' website. Furthermore, the educational technology that we had developed for Indepedals is also downloaded onto these eReaders. This is another way that NGO Technologies is attempting to provide educational technology to impoverished people without electricity. 

NGO Technologies has stressed the importance of entrepreneurial books that will help young children learn how to break out of the cycle of poverty.

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