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Here is what we have already done. Can you imagine a future with us?


SOFKIN raises money through events and uses these funds to house, educate, medicate,clothe, and care for destitute children in India.

NGOTech helped to organize and execute an event for SOFKIN, Rhythm 2012, by writing a business plan, setting up teleconference meetings, and creating print and electronic advertising (social media, TV ads, flyers, etc.) Our members also sold the most tickets out of any of the members of the charity. During the event, we set up the lights and audio before the show.

NGOTech plans work with SOFKIN for an upcoming event, a Dance-a-Thon held at Rutgers University to spread the cause to young adults who did not attend Rhythm 2012.

Piata's World

Piata's World is a nonprofit organization that is based in Brazil. In Brazil, 741,316 acres have been deforested. Piata's World aims to teach the young generation how to stop this number for increasing. Piata's World is actually the name of an educational app that the organization and NGO Technologies made together to teach the new and young generation the problems that the environment in Brazil is facing. 

NGO Technologies helped create the app which follows a young Brazilian boy, Piata, in his quest to stop deforestation and the destruction of his beloved nature. 

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